All About the Chinese Water Dragon Lizard
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All About the Chinese Water Dragon Lizard

This reptile lizard is a perfect pet at home. It can be the best pet pal for anyone. It is friendly with its pleasant character. It is small so it means no harm, though it is really a reptile. It gets along with people anywhere. It sneaks and crawls into trees. It can also slither into the body slopes of its master. It can rest into the hands and shoulders. It might be one’s next best partner.

Chinese Water Dragon Lizard

Opposites build sparks as fire and water. No wonder, a dragon can thrive in waters, too. The chinese water dragon lizard is a real amazement in the freshwaters of Asia. It is commonly found soaking in lakes, streams, and creeks of China, India, Thailand, and most of Southeast Asia. Discover its reptile life in the home of pet lovers.

Heating Up in Character

Reptiles have strong physical attributes. This is true even in the little members of its clan. The chinese water dragon lizard poses a smart physique in its green stripes shade. It inherited the form of lizards but not with size. It grows at the maximum of two to three feet. The tiny spikes are attributes from real reptiles, though. It has relatively long tail comprising two-thirds of its body. It is an asset to consider as it aids in balance, motion, and defense.

The petite reptile has a versatile personality. It can survive in land and in water. Its form fits equally in these environments. It can swim using its long tail to manoeuvre in freshwater. It has limbs to crawl on dry land. Also, it can protect itself with its robust tail.

Igniting in Its Sanctuary

Taking the freshwater habitats of Asia in a tank can be fun. It takes creative and dedicated hands to build one. There are available items to utilize in pet shops along the neighbourhood. There are also materials at home that can be useful, too.

Tanks large enough to accommodate this chinese water dragon lizard would suffice. It should provide ample room for basking along with few branches. It is an activity that helps heat up the reptile’s body. A mini pool is also needed to soak its body once in a while. Water should be changed daily for hygienic measures. Grains of sand, soil, peat, or paper would be sufficient for the substrate. Plants may be added as ornaments.

Loading Ups Its Appetite

The chinese water dragon lizard is a carnivorous reptile. It needs meat food sustenance daily to power up its activity. Also, it needs nutrients and minerals that supply its body system. These include protein, fat, and calcium. These are critical to maintain its health.

This creature belongs into two different ecosystems such as water and land. It is then expected that these two niches will provide for its daily meal. No wonder, it ingests various types of food. These include small fish, insects, worms, and tiny mice. Toxins from some substances should be avoided because of their delicate internal system.

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