Australian Water Dragons Make Great Pets
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Australian Water Dragons Make Great Pets

Australian water dragons make great pets. They are freindly and they will lay across your shoulder and watch T.V. with you. Their diet consists mostly of insects. They do eat some vegetables and fruits. Some of them love cat food but not all. They do require extra heat and a baking area. They also require humidity. They like branches to climb and hiding places.

The Australian water dragon makes a great pet lizard because they are social and easy to tame.  Their friendly personalities make them worth keeping as a pet.  They need a large cage and they like to wander around all day with you.  A water dragons diet consists mainly of insects but they will eat other lizards.

Male water dragons are larger than the females.  The males will get to be 2 to 2 ½ feed long.  Females are usually less than 2 feet when grown.  Their tail very wide and strong and it makes up about half of their length.  If you keep your water dragon healthy, he can live to be 20 years old or even older.

Water dragons like to be handled and they will sit and watch T.V. with you for a long time.

When you get your water dragon, he may need a couple of days to adjust before he will start eating.  Feed him the right sized crickets, cockroaches and super worms.  The major part of their diet will be insects.  They will eat anything from lettuce to an occasional pinkie mouse.  You can also feed yellow squash, sweet potato or green beans to your dragon.  Your water dragon may love or he may hate cat food, bananas, peaches and strawberries.  These are healthy choices for him if he will eat them.  If they like the fruit, alternate insects and fruit so they will get the most out of their food.  Any live insects you feed should be dusted with 100 percent calcium powder.

Water dragons need a minimum of a 4 foot long, 3 feet high and 2 to 3 feet deep enclosure.  You will need a tree branch that is thick enough for them to rest on.  Extra foliage would be good as the more places they have to climb and rest the better they like it.

For the substrate use unfertilized potting soil, bed-a-beast or other moisture absorbing materials.  Paper towels will work but they will not hold up for long.  Never use sand as it will hold the moisture and this is bad.

Put a couple of hiding places on the floor for your dragon to crawl in. They can be cardboard boxes or you can get them at the pet store.  Your dragon will spend most of his time in the foliage but he does like to have a box to go into.

Their home should be kept at 80 degrees with a basking area that is 95 degrees.  To heat the tank use a bulb.  An under tank heater does not work well because water dragons stay off the ground most of the day.  You can use a heat emitting UV bulb.  Be sure to read the instructions on how to use the bulb.

Water dragons need a pool of water at the bottom of their home that they can get in and out of.  They go to the bathroom in the water and it must be cleaned every couple of days.  You can buy a filtration system at the hardware store that will help keep the water clean.  You then will not have to worry about cleaning the water so often.

Water dragons require 60 to 80 percent humidity throughout their home.  You will need to mist their entire home a couple of times a day.  It is best to install an automatic misting system with a timer.   You can also keep live plants in his home to help keep the humidity up.  Have pots with plants set around the cage.  This will increase the humidity by 10 percent.

Loose substrates will need to be replaced every couple of months and if you use paper towels replace when they are soiled.  You will need to replace the dragons water once a week if you gave a filtration system.

If you provide your water dragon with everything, he needs to stay healthy and happy he will make a great pet for you.  They do require more time and effort than some lizards but they are worth it.

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