Bearded Dragons Can Make Great Pets for Everyone
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Bearded Dragons Can Make Great Pets for Everyone

Bearded Dragon lizards will make a great pet for just about anyone. They are easy to care for and they do not mind being handled or moved. When they are young they will eat crushed insects. Adult dragons will eat insects, fruits and vegetables. When the are adults the will require a lot of food or they will eat their feet and tails.

Bearded Dragon lizards will be a great pets for just about anyone. They are very docile and loyal and they do not mind being handled or moved.

The bigger the home you can provide for your Bearded Dragon the better.  When they are young, you should never put a substrate with sand in it on the floor of their home.  A good floor covering would be paper towels, paper or outdoor carpet.  The outdoor carpet can be washed and used again after it is completely dry.  Never use wood shavings or other floor coverings that they could swallow.

Bearded Dragons like rocks, half logs and branches that they can sit on and climb.  These are great in their basking area.  You can also put silk plants in their home and they will love it.

Sometimes lizards have peculiar habits that are hard to overcome.  Feeding a Bearded Dragon lizard can be difficult at times as they do have a unique diet.  They will eat just about anything but if you plan to keep a Bearded Dragon as a pet, you must know their dietary requirements and how to feed them.  Most pet stores will have the supplies you will need to feed your dragon. 

Bearded Dragons are big eaters and insects are the biggest part of their diet.  Most lizards will also eat vegetation but the young dragons will prefer crushed insects.  You will have to provide them with enough food so they will remain satisfied.  If you do not keep the bearded dragon well fed, he could chew off this tail and legs.  You must feed him correctly or he will totally eat himself.

Bearded dragon lizards love to eat grasshoppers, mealworms and other different bugs.  You must feed young bearded dragons crushed insects and as they grow, increase their food.  When your bearded dragon is an adult, you will have to feed him a large amount of crickets, mealworms and a pinky mouse on occasion as a treat.

Bearded Dragon lizards also love leafy vegetables.  Give them a lot of vegetation, as they grow older.  Also, feed your Bearded Dragon vegetables and fruits like apples, radish, turnips and just about any other fruit or vegetable.  You must be sure to wash the fruits and vegetables and chop them so the dragon will not have a problem eating them.

Provide your bearded dragon with a shallow bowl with water.   You will spray them once a day and spray any plants that are in their home.  Do not let your Bearded Dragon get dehydrated, as it would be bad for his health. 

Bearded Dragon Lizards are easy to care for and make great pets for just about everyone.

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