Effective Ways to Keep Snake Away from Your Home
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Effective Ways to Keep Snake Away from Your Home

Snakes should be in the forest but sometimes they become our unwanted visitors. Except for the snake lovers out there, most people are fearful of snakes as they have what we called venom that could end our life. This creature is also known as the most cautious animal, it can come to your house without you knowing it. We can do something to get rid of snakes and keep our home safe.

Not all snakes are venomous but whether they are poisonous or not, most people do not like to welcome it in the house. If you have rats, frogs, tall grasses, and trees in your home or yard this is a no surprise. Snakes like to find food to eat, a good place to live where they can find comfort, and as we all humans do, they also want water especially during hot seasons. On the other hand, snakes do us favor too as they eat the rodents, which according to studies populate more often than humans do. Despite of that, it is still unsafe to have snakes in our house.

What You Can Do

  • Free your home from snake’s food namely rats and frogs as they are the common meals of snakes. If you have those prey in your house chances are snakes will haunt them.
  • Repair your house for any holes, cracks or possible passage of snakes.
  • Clean your drainage more often as snakes love to swim in there usually during hot seasons
  • Keep your garbage away from your house. Snakes can find shelter and foods from the garbage.
  • Cut or trim the grasses in your yard if you don’t want it to be the hiding place of snakes
  • Use snake repelling products and spray it in areas of your house which you suspect as possible hide out of snakes. But not all of these products can keep all types of snakes away.
  • Purchase a cat if you don’t have one as they are great in keeping the rodents away which is the favorite meal of snakes. Other domestic pets can help too like dogs.
  • Have a snake-proof fence in your yard and make it 6 inches in the ground and 2 to 3 feet high. The taller the fence the better as snakes would find it hard to crawl in tall fences especially if it is angled in 30 degrees.

If ever you already encountered a snake in your house, the best thing to do is to let them go especially if you are not great in killing snakes. Snakes only defend themselves and are naturally afraid of humans and shy type too. They are out to look for small prey and not humans. But given all these facts, snakes are still unwelcome to our house. Always follow the tips to keep them away and you will not encounter a surprise visit from snakes.

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