Getting a Pet Bearded Dragon
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Getting a Pet Bearded Dragon

Some people consider the Bearded Dragon to be the best pet lizard. They are good lizards for beginners to get as a pet. They do not have many special care requirements. They do not get big so they will not need a lot of room in your home. They eat worms and grasshoppers. They are not a pet that smells bad.

Many people consider the Bearded Dragon to be the best pet lizard. They are usually very gentle and tame and some of them seem to love to be handled.  They love to interact with people and they enjoy bathing.  They are up and about during the day, they sleep at night, and this is great for most people.

Bearded Dragon lizards make good pets for children if they are supervised to start with.  The children must learn how to handle the Bearded Dragon.  Bearded Dragons do not require a lot of your time.  Their diet consists of live bugs and vegetable.  They like small worms and grasshoppers the best.  They like green leafy vegetables and they are good for them and should be the main part of their diet.  The leaves must be chopped into small pieces before they are fed to the Bearded Dragon.

When you decide you want a Bearded Dragon for a pet there are many other things you must consider. You must consider many other things before you get a lizard.  The bearded Dragon lizard is usually the first choice for a pet lizard and they are usually friendlier than other lizards.   They are also small and do not require much to keep them happy.

If you decide you want to get a Bearded Dragon for a pet make sure you purchase one that is healthy. You should check a few things before you buy him like make sure his eyes are wide open and make sure he is alert.  His mouth, eyes, tail and feet should be in good condition.  There should not be any sores or wounds of any kind on him.  There should not be any scars or cuts on his skin.  Check for fat storage at the base of his tail.  A healthy lizard has fat stored at the base of his tail.  Keep away from lizards that have bones sticking out at the end of their tail.  There should not be any patches that are missing scales.

After you have made sure you are getting a healthy Bearded Dragon you must think about how much time you will be spending taking care of you new pet.  Bearded Dragons do not require a lot of care but they do have special and specific needs.

You must pick out a place where you want to keep your Bearded Dragon.  They are usually kept in a glass aquarium with a screen top to allow the air to circulate.  You should get at least a 10 to 20 gallon tank and this will give your lizard the space he needs to grow and exercise.  His home will have to be cleaned at least once a week.  Another important requirement is humidity and must make sure your Bearded Dragon has the humidity that he needs.  You can keep the humidity up by spraying water in the tank every few days.

A long fluorescent light should also be installed in the aquarium to stimulate you Bearded Dragons appetite and digestion.  Ultraviolet light will be necessary for you Breaded Dragon to grow and develop properly.

Provide your Bearded Dragon with everything he needs and you will have a healthy and happy pet that will give you hours of enjoyment.

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