Most Venomous Snakes in Australia
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Most Venomous Snakes in Australia

Venomous snakes are found around the world. Mentioned in this article are three snakes found in Australia that are extremely venomous. The Inland Taipan, The Eastern Brown Snake and The Tiger Snake are some of the highly poisonous snakes. If enough care is not taken, their bites can easily lead to death.

Man has always been in awe of our reptile friends. When one sees a snake the first impression he gets is that the snake is poisonous and its bite is sure to end his presence of the earth. That is why people get terrified upon seeing the reptile. But the reality is that not all snakes are venomous. Some of them are extremely good-natured animals.

Secondly, when people make chaos when they see a (harmless) snake, the reptile in turn also gets confused and tries to find a safer place to hide. These actions of the snake are interpreted as if the animal is indeed poisonous and should be done to death immediately.

However, there are snakes that will indeed do short work of your life if it happens to bite you.

The Inland Taipan

The Inland Taipan is recognized by two names – one is the Small Scaled Snake, while the other is Fierce Snake. This reptile is found in Australia. The Inland Taipan has the highest amount of venom that makes it one of the most venomous snakes Down Under. The LD50 values decide the quantity of its venomous powers, which were studied after the snakes bit the mice. The Inland Taipan is capable of oozing out around 44mg of venom in one single bite. However, the maximum amount of venom recorded was 110mg.

The Small Scaled Snake feeds itself on birds, rodents and any other smaller mammals.

The Eastern Brown Snake

The Eastern Brown Snake, known as the Common Brown Snake, is extremely poisonous. It can be spotted in silver, grey and yellow colors. The Eastern Brown Snake is a part of the genus Pseudonaja, which is based on the LD50 value. Though its venom is only around 4.7 mg, the size also plays an important role in determining the amount of venom the Eastern Brown Snake can ooze.

A miniature sized brown snake emits only around 10mg of venom. But in case no medical help is provided immediately, its bite is sure to lead one to death.

The Tiger Snake

The Tiger Snake is another kind of venomous snake in Australia. The snake enjoys spending its time around the coastal regions of Tasmania. There is a range of color shades the snake can be seen in. But on most occasions, the snake is seen with strips and bands resembling a tiger. And that is why it derives this name. The Tiger Snake can shoot its venom with a strong gust of force.

The victim progressively develops difficulties in breathing after the tiger snake’s bit. If no medication is provided straight away, it can lead the victim to paralysis. The studies carried out on the Tiger snake confirms that no less than half the victims sooner or later succumb to its bite.

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