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Reptiles & Snakes Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Lorie Spencer 63 months ago +0 votes:
I found this link for you.  Hopefully it will help, it describes things a bit differently then you did but I'm hoping it will lead you to some answers! We had a Bearded Dragon in the family for a while and we loved her!  Good luck with your friend and pet. more
Last answer by norlaw 65 months ago +0 votes:
Toads are not used for much besides insect and garden pet control.  Many people want toads in thier garden for many reasons.  They will eat thousands of insects and they are great if you are into organic gadening and do not want to use insecticides on your plants. It is said and believed by many that toads can predict earthquakes. more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 66 months ago +1 votes:
You would be crazy to own a Komodo dragon. In addition to their poisonous saliva (of which contains at least 50 different bactrial strains), they grow to be 10 feet long and can weigh up to 330 pounds.  This makes them capable of killing a full-grown water buffalo, let alone a human adult.  They are wild animals and if they do not want to cooperate, they will knock you over -- ... more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 66 months ago +1 votes:
Toad urine should not bother a dog.  You should keep an eye on a dog for any strange symptoms like vomiting; diarrhea; coordination problems; seizures; panting far too much (a sign or pain) or loss of appetite.  Dogs normally rub their mouths, drool a lot or spit when "tasting" a toad because they taste bad. Do you know what kind of toad ... more
I want to be able to recognise a young boa when I see one in the wild in Costa Rica and not think that it is a venemous snake. Is there any sure way to definitely say it is a boa rather than another species of snake? What do I look for? more
3i 3want to know if the pythons can live in florida everglades in the winter if the temperature gets below freezing more
Last answer by Jeff Merrow 98 months ago +0 votes:
Two degrees above normal tempature should spur the reptiles into a position of positive development.  be careeful not to disturb the eggs or dislodge from the laid state as this will cause ambiotic fluid to dislodge and the embreo will not hatch. more