Save Your Life from Snake Bite
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Save Your Life from Snake Bite

Thousands of deaths caused by snake bite are reported each year. Snake's venom can penetrate to our body in an instant if we don't know how to treat it properly. It is a must for us to know how to save our life from a snake bite even if we are in a remote area. Know the best procedures you should follow if bitten by a venomous snake.

It's very critical to act fast in case you got a snake bite. It could save or lose your life. Venoms of snake could penetrate to our nerves and if it reaches our brain, we will lose our lives. It is vital to avoid being bitten by snakes near your head. Keep in mind that precaution is always better than cure. Take extra care when going to forests or any place with tall grasses, dark surroundings and the like. You may also want to wear long jeans and sweater if possible. If ever you encounter a snake do not provoke them and just stand still until the snake leave you. A snake look at you doesn't mean they like to bite you; it's a sign of fear. They only attack us when they get hurt or provoked. Often you cannot notice their presence as they are very cautious. 

Here are some of the facts you need to do when bitten by snakes.

  • Keep yourself away from the snake. Don't ever try to attack a snake; it will defend itself for sure. You don't want to be bitten again by a snake for the second time. Once is enough, so keep away if you can.
  • Don't panic and just try to normalize your heart beat. Avoid frequent moving as this can make the venom to penetrate to your nerves faster than if you just stay in one place. Do not even lift the wounded part of your body.
  • Call an emergency hotline or someone that can help you.
  • Remove anything in the affected area that can suffocate your body like jewelries, boots, rings and the like. The reason behind is the infected area will swell in a few minutes of time.
  • Wash the infected wound with soap and water and allow it to bleed. You can use a cup for sucking but never use your mouth to suck the blood.
  • Don't cut the bitten part of your skin. It could only damage more tissues of the infected area and lead to serious penetration of venoms.
  • Get a band, a soft cloth or a hanky and wrap it tight near the infected body parts. It must be at a moderate tight to allow the normal flow of your blood. That is to avoid white cells rapid flow as it can carry the venom of a snake.

Your life can be saved from snake bite if you follow the right procedures above. Most people who died in snake bites had no proper treatment. Don't become one of them, follow the right procedures.

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