The Deadliest Snakes in the World
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The Deadliest Snakes in the World

Venomous snakes

9 Deadliest Snake in the World. I was watching the Animal Planet this weekend and the show was about deadliest snakes in Africa. I was amazed at them, their color which I think is beautiful but also their power. Snake doesn’t just attack people, they attack when they feel threatened and or disturbed. So here are the 10 deadliest snakes in the world.


The inland Taipan is found in the Australia continent and is considered the world’s deadliest snake because the toxic of this snake is fifty times than the toxic of the cobra snakes. Taipan’s are long snakes and they grew of up to 2.5 meters. The color of the head of the taipan has pale creamy color; the color of its body is from dark brown to light brown with olive or copper color.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba’s are found in the Africa and is the most feared snakes. They grow of up to 3 meters longs and they are strong. Black Mamba does not come in black color, but their mouth has a color of black and most mambas have the color of olive green, dark olive, or grayish brown. They are also the fastest moving snake in the world having to move 20 kilometer per hour when senses danger.

Tiger Snake

Tiger snake lives in the southern and eastern part of the Australia. They got their name tiger because of the stripes that they have. Tiger snakes grow of about 1.5 meters long and they are very venomous snake. Just like every snake, tiger snakes attacks when they are disturbed and if they feel threatened.

Common Krait

Common Krait is found in the jungles of Indian sub continent like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. They have a very nice color of dark blue to black to pale blue to bluish gray and they also have white bands. Common Krait is venomous and they grow of up to 1 meter.

Death Adder

Death Adder is found in Australia. They have a triangular shaped head and a fat body size. They grew to about 1.1 meter and they have the color of light reddish brown to dark gray. Their fangs has about 6.2 millimeters long. It’s a venomous snake and has about 85 milligrams and it attacks the nerves and causes paralysis.

Yellow or Cape Cobra

Cape cobra or Yellow cobra’s venom can kill you for about 30 minutes if not treated right away. This snake is found in the southern Africa. Their size grows about 4 meters long and have the color of yellow with brown all over their body but their color differs from one place to another. Their venom affects the respiratory system.


Boomslang are small snakes but very venomous and can be found in the sub Saharan Africa. They have large fangs and produce about 4-8 milligrams of venom which is enough to kill a man.

Bush Master

Bush master snake’s has a triangular shape head and large body. This is the largest kind of a pit viper in the world. They can grow for up to 6 feet and they have a color of dark brown with pale pink with blotches of dark brown. They also have long fangs and is able to have multiple bites. They are venomous as well.

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