Toads Make Excellent Pets
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Toads Make Excellent Pets

Toads make great pets. Marine toads are one of the larges of all frogs and toads. They can get to be 10 inches and will need a very large terrarium. When they feel threatened they will put out a poison to keep their enemy away. You should never touch them but if you have to be sure and wash your hands with soap.

Marine toads or land toads will both make excellent pets.  The largest of all toads and frogs is the Marine toad, which can grow to 10 inches.  When they are threatened, they will give out a poison that is very strong.  You should never handle Marine toads unless you have to and be sure to wash your hands with soap afterwards.

These big toads will have to have a very large terrarium. The tank that is 24x18x18 inches or larger will accommodate one adult toad.

The tank will need bark chips or deep sphagnum moss on the floor.  You will need to add some logs or cork bark for hiding places.  You will need to provide your Marine toad with a bowl with water that is big enough for him to get in.  It cannot be deeper than the toad’s height.   A daytime temperature of 79 degrees and a night time temperature of 72 degrees will work just fine for a Marine toad.

Your toad will need appropriately sized live food.  You can feed them wild caught insects, grubs and worms.  They also eat crickets, mealworms, earthworms, slugs and woodlice.  They will also eat locusts and pinkie mice.

Marine toads are very impressive and you will find yourself with an inquisitive and intelligent pet if you decide to get one.

Green toads also make excellent pets.  Green toads are usually 2 to 3 inches long.  You can get the European toad or the American toad and they will require just about the same care.  They both will make good pets.

These toads are small but they are very active and they will need a large terrarium that is 24x12x12 inches in size.  This size terrarium will accommodate one pair.

They will need bark chips or deep sphagnum moss on the floor of the terrarium and they will need some logs or cork bark for hiding places.  You will also have to give them a bowl with water big enough for them to get in.  They will not need additional heat is they are kept in a warm room.

Your green toads will need a mixed diet of the right size live food like insects, grubs and worms.  They will also eat crickets, mealworms, earthworms, insects, slugs, woodlice and locust.

They are very impressive toads.  You will have an inquisitive and intelligent pet if you decide to get a European or American green toad. 

Take good care of your pet toads and they will stay healthy and happy for a long time.

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