What Kind of Snakes Make Good Pets, and What Kind Don't?
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What Kind of Snakes Make Good Pets, and What Kind Don't?

Snakes that make good pets, and Snakes that don't make good pets for beginner Reptile Hobbyist's.

There are a number of exotic pet stores around the world breeding and selling snakes. Though the snake is feared and hated by most, the number of snake owners are growing rapidly. I happen to be an experienced reptile specialist and know which snakes are suited for captivity. They can be tame loving creatures with the proper care.


1.  BURMESE PYTHON: (Recommended for experienced hobbyists) -They are great for the first few years, but don't let that fool you. They grow up to record lengths of 16 feet! Without daily handling, they can become aggressive. And a snake of that size isn't a pleasant experience if a bite occurs.)

2. BOA-CONSTRICTORS: (also for experienced hobbyists) - They don't quite reach the lengths of a Burmese Python but they get just as thick if not thicker. They are known to be an aggressive snake if not handled very frequently.


1. CORN SNAKE (Recommended for beginners) They are an attractive snake of all sorts of colors and patterns. They require a simple care routine. They are rarely aggressive unless threatened in the wild. They have adapted to captivity very well. Adult sizes range from 4-6 feet max. They are slim in girth which makes them easy to handle. They have been documented to live up to 23 years in captivity!

2. BALL PYTHON: Known as the gentile python and most common beginner snake to have as a pet. They are very common in the pet trade. The average adult size is from 3-5 Feet. There have been rare cases of them reaching 6 feet. This snake is said to be the best choice for a pet by many experienced reptile specialists. 

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