What You Should Consider Before You Buy an Exotic Pet
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What You Should Consider Before You Buy an Exotic Pet

Many people are now getting exotic pets. Before you get an exotic pet you must think about what you are getting into. When you go to a pet store you might see a cute baby iguana and think this is the pet for me. You may not realize this cute little lizard will grow to be between 5 and 6 feet long when it becomes an adult.

Just about everyone has a pet of some kind now days.  Some people want something different and unusual so they decide to get an exotic pet.  If you decide, you want an exotic pet you should give your choice a lot of thought before you get your pet.  Some exotic pets are easy to care for and others require very special care.  You must also find out how big the pet will be when it is an adult.  Some exotic pets are huge when they become adults and you must decide if you have the room and time to take care of them properly.

Having an exotic animal as a pet can be very rewarding and it can turn into a nightmare so you  must take your time and pick a pet that fits your lifestyle.  You must be able to keep your pet healthy and happy.  You must know what type of home they will need and what their dietary requirements are.

Be sure to check out the availability of a veterinarian to care for your exotic pet.  Not all veterinarians are able to treat exotic pets.  It is hard to move these pets so if you move around a lot do not get an exotic pet.

Many people see the cute little baby iguanas in the pet shop and decide this is what they want so iguanas have become very popular lizards kept as pets.  The most popular iguana kept as a pet is the green iguana.  Iguanas are very easy to find and they do not cost a lot of money.  People will see baby iguanas at the pet shop, they just have to have one, and they do not realize that iguanas will grow to be 5 or 6 feet long when they are grown. 

The green iguana can be kept in a terrarium when it is small but when they get bigger they will huge home.    Iguanas are tree dwellers so they will need a tall enclosure so they can have branches to climb.  Green Iguanas need a warm, humid condition in their home and a special diet in order to remain healthy.

More and more people are getting turtles and tortoises as pets.  If you decide, a turtle or tortoises are what you wand you must do some research.  Some turtles and tortoises require very special care.  They will take a lot of time and work when you keep them as pets.  If a turtle or tortoise is what you want, make sure you have the time to properly care for them. 

Some people do not think before they get an exotic pet.  Some people get an exotic pet because they want something that is different.  Before you get your exotic pet check things out and find out what is going to be involved with keeping this pet.  Be sure you have the room and time for your exotic pet. Every year thousands of iguanas, snakes and turtles wind up in shelters or are turned loose because their owner no longer want them for whatever reason.  Do not make this mistake but think before you buy.

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Comments (1)

Great info Norma.

A lot of the really good reptile people are now very much against the sale of Iguanas in pet stores because so many of them end up being poorly cared for.